Derrick and Surveillance Cameras

Through our innovative approach, TanMar is continuously improving our capabilities for onsite video coverage. Whether we are asked to install a derrick camera or to design a more complex system with remote access and recording capabilities, our technicians can provide the solution that best fits our customer’s needs.


Derrick Cameras

  • Self-installation made easy with fully adjustable, heavy duty mounting bracket
  • Driller can clearly and safely see derrick operations
  • Ability to see 360 degrees, straight up, and straight down
  • Rugged composition that enables the camera to withstand extreme cold, heat, sun, and precipitation.
  • High resolution monitor with infrared and backlight allows for clear visibility in direct sunlight as well as low light conditions.
surveillance camera

Video Surveillance

  • Multiple camera options to monitor entire rig or work site through the use of multiple camera placements(Fixed lens cameras or cameras with pan, tilt, zoom, capabilities)
  • Internet streaming capabilities allowing live remote access and camera control
  • Specialized cameras for low light conditions and wiper blades for removing residue
  • Various size monitor options which allow for simultaneously viewing multiple cameras
  • DVR available to record and capture all video coverage (provides documentation for any and all activities on location)