Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management



Our leadership at TanMar Companies emphasizes a cultural approach to managing QHSE programs. Our leaders believe that…

  • Although safety can be learned, it is not effective until it is Visibly Led throughout the organization.
  • Leaders that lead and expect safe performance consistently get it.
  • A sound safety culture is the key to keeping valued employees safe in all their tasks.
  • Our management and supervisory staff will be strong leaders in our safety culture at TanMar.

The principals of TanMar are committed to providing the necessary tools and information to allow our valued employees the means to complete their work in a quality and safe manner. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we are not successful unless they go home each and every day not being adversely affected by their jobs.


A Message from the Director


Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Programs at TanMar are designed to help us provide the highest quality products and services, with the highest quality personnel, all while protecting the health and well being of our personnel and the environment.

TanMar’s Senior Managers are at the center of initiating our QHSE Culture, and each one ensures that all personnel for which they are responsible understand and perform above our basic levels of expectations concerning quality of work and safe work completion.

We have developed our own, in-house, Driver Training program that instills in our employees the basic driving practices that can keep them from being involved in or causing vehicle incidents.

Personnel at TanMar fully believe in and utilize Stop Work Authority when there is any potential threat to Persons, Property, and/or the Environment. Our Senior Managers are committed to positively commending and supporting all personnel who must stop a job. Employees are rewarded monthly for their participation in the Stop Work Program.

TanMar’s BBS program includes our SMARTs (Stopped on My Authority Reporting Tickets). These valuable information tools allow our employees to document Safe and Unsafe stop work events. SMARTs are reviewed and discussed at each morning operations meeting. The SMARTs are then logged each week to provide “real-time” feedback to employees on their safe work performance. TanMar compiles all information monthly to share company-wide as well.

Job Safety and Environmental Analyses are at the core of each job we perform at TanMar. Our valued personnel understand that JSEAs are an excellent and powerful planning tool for each of our job tasks. Our streamlined design allows for prompt, thorough planning of jobs with elevated risk potential, including driving.

All incidents and high-potential near misses are thoroughly investigated at TanMar, and corrective actions are developed and communicated to all personnel to ensure that the maximum of information is gathered and shared to help prevent any future occurrences.

At the end of each workday, TanMar is not successful unless all of our 600-plus employees go home to their families positively affected by their high quality and safe work.