The Recycle Wagon

TanMar’s Recycle Wagon is a Mobile Wastewater Treatment unit capable of processing 3000 gallons per day of domestic sewage waste.

Designed with the latest technology to produce a quality effluent that can be used for…

  • Down-hole purposes
  • Land Application for dust control
  • Wash water on site

The Recycle Wagon produces effluent that maintains the following parameters…

  • TSS < 10 mg/L
  • CBOD < 10 mg/L
  • E. coli < 15 MPN/100 mL
  • pH range of 6.5 – 8.5

Effluent output parameters backed by routine sampling data

Remote monitoring 24/7 of units, with remote control for adjustments as needed.

recycle wagon


recycle wagon