TanMar’s valuable employees begin their tenure with a thorough New Hire Orientation that covers the basics of Regulatory and Best Practices to keep them safe in their initial on-boarding. Employees are scheduled for our Comprehensive New Hire Training (CNHT) within their first 30 days of employment. Our CNHT training consists of…

  1. 10-hours of Basic Regulatory Awareness Training
  2. 10 Hours of Detailed Driver Training (Classroom and Road)
  3. 4 Hours of H2S Awareness and Response
  4. 6 Hours of First Aid and CPR Certification Training

Employees leave the CNHT with a strong background to be able to perform their work safely and effectively. An experienced employee mentors each of our new hires for the first 3 to 6 months of their tenure, in which time the mentors provide valuable, practical, hands-on skills training to our new hires.

TanMar completes Regulatory Refresher training monthly utilizing the latest technology for training completion. Our regulatory-awareness courses are hosted internally by our highly trained QHSE Staff.

qhse training